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Who Should You Hire?

When a recruiter sits down with a candidate, they will likely have been told that the company wants them to choose the best candidate. But more often than not, the companies don’t explain what they define as the best. They may have provided a list of responsibilities and requirements for the position, and they expect the best candidate to have all of them. If they don’t, they won’t get hired.

You probably won’t find this person because the “BEST Candidate” often doesn’t exist. The list of requirements and responsibilities may limit you from finding the best candidates. Some of them may not have everything requested, but may have some skills that can’t be found or measured on a resume. A recent Sourcecon article says that we need to look for the “Right Candidate” or the “Right Fit” for your organization and your culture.

Not every candidate is going to be the right fit in every organization given his or her background and the company culture. Instead of making a laundry list of requirements, recruiters and HR personnel should meet the candidates and see how they interact with the staff. Asking open ended questions during an interview will also provide valuable insight into how these candidates think.

Often we think that the right fit has to be the best in everything. But this isn’t always the case. When you design the “perfect employee” on paper, you may be ruling someone out that has a combination of skills and experience that will allow them to be incredible in the job.

Jim Collins made an accurate point in his book “Good to Great” He said that “you need to have the right people on the bus and they have to be in the right seat.” With the right combination of people and skills, you can get a perfect match.

As a company, it’s important that your employees have the basic skills and requirements, but rather than looking for candidates that are the best on paper,  look for those that will be the right fit and you’ll find that they’ll stay with your company the longest.