Make Kids Travel a Breeze With These Items!

As a “mompreneur”, I get the opportunity to travel a lot. My little personal assistant and I have taken many trips together. We can say she is a traveling pro. From Ocean City, MD to the Happiest Place on Earth, she has been blessed with many experiences in her life already. On top of being a boss mom, I have become a boss at kids travel. I have learned fully how to travel with kids, including the best children’s travel items. I wanted to share the best children’s travel accessories from an insider- a entrepreneur with a travel blog. So here is my ultimate list of children’s travel accessories for kids travel! A lot of these may not be what you expect.

Stroller Luggage Carrier

If you are traveling by plane, it can be tough lugging around a huge car seat at the airport. This is what I was dreading when I was thinking about kids travel and all the children’s travel items that we need to bring.

This is where a stroller luggage carrier comes in handy. Simply hook it up, and roll it like a suitcase!  The price was a lot lower than I expected. It is well worth the money to save all the hassle! This is one of my absolute favorite children’s travel accessories.

Inflatable Life Vest

When it comes to kids travel, always be prepared for the unexpected adventure.

If your little one is just learning to swim, it can be a disappointment if an unplanned swimming adventure comes up and your child cannot go in! However, packing a life vest for a “just in case” moment can not be worth it sometimes given how big and bulky life vests can be. Buy an inflatable life vest  instead and have it tucked away just in case the moment comes up.

Inflatable Booster Seat

What? Another inflatable device? Seriously though, the amount of room saved with inflatable devices is fantastic! Always be prepared with an inflatable booster seat. This will make kids travel no hassle because you will never need to worry about your kid being able to sit properly.

Toddler Suitcase

Out of all the childrens travel accessories I see out there, I was most nervous about the suitcase that toddlers can ride on. I thought it would lead to a high-energy toddler trying to ride it up and down hallways. However, this ride and roll suitcase actually served a purpose I never would have thought of. Until I started to travel with kids, I never realized exactly how much standing was involved with traveling! You stand as you wait in line to check bags. Then, you are standing waiting for the plane. You stand waiting to board the plane. Really, the only place that you sit is on the airplane itself! Having this suitcase gives my daughter the opportunity to have a place to sit!

Kids Headphones

Traveling with kids made me realize something fast: something is always bound to get lost or left behind. Usually, it is the most important thing. We have learned quickly from that.

Now, I make sure to pack double of something whenever I can. This comes true especially with headphones. Find headphones that easily fold, and then buy a second pair just in case the first pair goes missing.

Marker Set

Providing the markers and the paper to color is a huge plus. This will keep it all in one place, which will again solve the issue of losing items while traveling with kids.

GPS Watch

For your kid, it is a cool watch to wear on a trip. For you, it is a breath of relief. This GPS tracker will keep your kid safe in the unfortunate event that they wander off.

Neck Pillow

This is one of the simplest but one of the most needed children’s travel items. Make sure you bring a neck pillow for your children. Traveling is hard! Letting them be comfortable wherever you may be will keep kids as happy as possible no matter the circumstances.

Leg Rest

If you are traveling a long way, bring a leg rest (yes, inflatable! I am all about packing lightly!) can be a huge help. They can use it to lay down on a plane, or use it to prop their feet in a car. This is definitely a product that may not seem necessary on the surface for kids travel, but trust me- it will save you.

White Noise Machine

Even if your child does not sleep with a white noise machine at home, it can be a huge benefit for travel. Even if you are staying in the nicest places sometimes there can be unknown noises that can be scary for a child that is out of his or her element. By having a white noise machine, it can drown out a lot of those noises.

Make Travel Even More of a Breeze

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