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Top Careers for Moms That Offer Flexibility

Remote Jobs for Moms

There are many satisfying careers mothers can now work while maintain the elusive work-life balance. Working remotely allows you to curate your own daily schedule which fits best with your parenting goals. Here are three of the best sustainable, online career options.

Online Counseling

In the past several years there has been a relative boom surrounding online counseling. In order to build a steady client base, you may first want to begin with a platform which guides the right clients to you. Talkspace and Betterhelp are both highly rated in terms of customer and employee satisfaction, and offer the counselor full control of her schedule and workload. Other options include building your own business from scratch using a personalized website and strategic online marketing. Remember that counseling online or in person still requires an advanced degree and certification.

Online Teaching

There seems to be an enormous amount of controversy surrounding this field, particularly in terms of the online ESL teaching industry, but if you can find a good company this can be an extremely fruitful career. Many teachers turned stay at home moms have found excellent part time work through sites like VIPKid and QKids. There are many great companies in this sector such as Kaplan. If your goal is to work full-time, however, it may be in your best interest to look into somewhere such as Connections Academy or online universities.

Virtual Assistant

With the growing number of bloggers and fully remote companies, there has been a steady rise in this field, and it will only continue to grow. Many companies offer this position on contract especially for growing businesses. This, however, can play to your advantage when the company expands giving you experience helping grow a business which could lead you to bigger, better opportunities. For someone who has a broad range of skills, this can be a dynamic and challenging career.

The home-based work life is not for everyone, and there is something to be said about keeping work and home separate. So, for you working moms who need some old-fashioned human interaction throughout your day, here are three more traditional careers which offer flexibility for moms.

Speech Therapy

This is a position in which motherhood can serve to enhance your client base with young patients. Parenting allows you new insight into early childhood development you may not have experienced during schooling. For the aging population, speech therapy will be required for those suffering from hearing loss associated with speech disorders.

Yoga Instructor

Becoming a yoga instructor is relatively simple and inexpensive compared to other training programs (aside from the years of practicing yoga). Most yoga instructors are considered self-employed which allows them to plan their own work weeks. Staying healthy and strong while creating your own work schedule is just an added bonus!


This may be a surprise, but the majority of lawyers have a flexible schedule. Of course, this requires extensive schooling, but once done the work load can be steady and lucrative. Attorney’s have the capacity to make above a living wage while being there for all the little moments. Flexible scheduling or assisting with legal matters could be perfect for moms with experience in the field of law that are now more dedicated to their children than their briefcase.

Thankfully, the job market is getting better and better every year for mothers. Maybe one day there will be no need for lists like these!

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