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The Villas of Grand Cypress

The Villas of Grand Cypress is a family golf resort in Orlando that bills itself as “lavish accommodations in Orlando with all the comforts of home.” The resort features luxury accommodations, golf, dining options, golf academy, meeting spaces and more. The accommodations include spacious suites and villas featuring up to four bedrooms and up to 2,800 square feet with full kitchens, living and dining areas. It is a beautiful property very close to Walt Disney World, and we enjoyed our stay there thoroughly.

As I entered the resort I was taken with the beauty of my surroundings. As I drove to the Villa Check-in, the lush landscape instilled a sense of peacefulness. The check-in staff were informed by the entry security that I was on my way, and they greeted me by name as I entered. We were offered complimentary beverages from a vast array of choices. A gentleman walked me to my vehicle and said he would guide me to my assigned villa. I followed him through a picturesque setting and forgot that I was only three miles outside of Disney World. It began to rain as we arrived, and he carried all of the bags to our second floor villa. My little one had fallen asleep, so he held the umbrella over us as I carried her up to the bed.

As she napped I was able to appreciate the comforts of the room. Our villa had a balcony overlooking a pond, with table and chairs to sit and enjoy the scenery. The room contained two comfortable queen size beds plus a queen sleeper sofa. There was a large tv, table and chairs and mini fridge for some extra comforts. The doorbell rang and a porter presented me with a snack basket overflowing with snacks, candy and sodas.

I walked into the bathroom, and all I can say is WOW! Sunken tub with a skylight above, large shower and the mirror HAD A TV IN IT. Yes—a TV in the mirror. I could not wait for my daughter to wake up to see that. She soon awoke, but the TV would have to wait because was asking for a swim.

The pool was a quick walk from our villa. The pool bar had closed due to the weather, so we called for a shuttle to take us over to an associated property. We were quickly picked up, and a short ride later we were there. My daughter was thrilled by the waterfalls in the center of the pool. We swam and played until after dark, then brought the shuttle back to us with a phone call. When they dropped us off at the Villa I tried to get my daughter in the sunken tub but she was more interested in the shower with all of its features instead. She did get to watch the mirror TV while getting ready for bed.

The next morning we left the property early to have breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. We were very close to Walt Disney World, so it was a fast trip. After an extremely hot day at Walt Disney World we left early, excited to get to the pool near our villa that we had missed the day before. The pool bar was open this time, and delicious slushes and a quesadilla were readily available. It started raining again, but stopped as our snack ended.

At the pool there were a variety of activities for all ages, including a blow-up slip-and-slide, bikes of all sizes, and a pool table, all of which we enjoyed. I was pleased to find out it was a salt water pool. No chlorine in our hair, skin or swimsuits. I loved that I did not need to be concerned about the chemical exposure for my daughter or for me. We made friends at the pool, which made the time fly by. Before we knew it it was time to leave the pool and get ready for bed. She took another shower (she really loved this shower) and into bed we went.

The next morning we were up bright and early, all packed and ready to go to breakfast at the club house. The food was delicious—eggs, bacon and pancakes. But let me tell you about the pancakes, which were better than any I had had in a long, long time: they were light fluffy and had a hint of a lemon flavor that was fresh and different.

After breakfast we took some pictures and then we were off to our next adventure.