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    5 Startup Tips for Beginners

    So you’ve decided to join the startup game? Welcome to the party. If you’re just out of the world of huge firms and tech giants, you may find some of the ins and outs of the smaller startup world could take a bit of getting used to. To help you avoid some of the rough spots on the road to success, here are some startup tips for beginners. Build a great team Teams are one of the biggest factors in making a successful startup, full stop. Startups are, by their nature, very small when compared to their tech giant competitors. This means that bad blood on a team can be…

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    What Technical Testing Can Do For Your Startup

    Yesterday, I said that interviews were an inefficient tool that too many companies relied too much upon. Recognizing a problem is only one step on the path to fixing your hiring strategy, though. It’s easy to look at your hiring pipeline and take a guess whether or not you rely too much on interviews, the real question is: what to do instead of interviews? One way to get a better look at your prospective pick’s promise is to test them. Now, the word ‘test’ conjures all sorts of unpleasant mental images about sitting in a quiet room filling in bubbles on a multiple-choice scan-sheet. Fear not! While that type of…

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