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    Top Careers that offer Flexibility for Moms

    For any mom, it takes a certain skillset to perfectly balance the home and work life. If you’re a mom who seems to run out of daylight, struggles to choose between watching your little one run and grow vs. reaching the next tier in your workplace, there are many satisfying careers mothers can now work while maintaining the elusive work-life balance. Working remotely not only allows you to curate that daily schedule which best fits your parenting goals, it can serve as the perfect outlet for when you just need some human interaction that doesn’t involve an emotional (but cute) toddler. Is that stain chocolate—or poop? Here are some of…

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    4 Ways Linked Leads Will Skyrocket Your Business From Home

    Does this sound like you? You’ve spent countless dollars marketing your business.. You spend hours each week mining for prospects… You’re totally unaware of the latest AI, software, bots, and other technology that can assist your business… You’re completely stuck trying to market yourself and you get lost in the process of what to do next… You have no idea how helpful LinkedIn can be for every part of your business… If you nodded to any of the above, then Linked Leads is for you. This may be the secret ingredient you’ve been looking for that’ll take your business to a new level. We created Linked Leads to help you…

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    Should You Put Your Business Where Your Passion Is?

    Should You Put Your Business Where Your Passion Is? As you read this post, there are likely some signs in your home that point to what you’re passionate about.  If you’re a devoted dog fancier, for example, you might have a dog wall calendar hanging at your desk, or framed photos of the canines in your life.  Or, if your heart rests in photography, you may have a stack of personalized photo albums that you created from last year’s family trip and have earmarked as birthday presents.  Whatever your passion, it’s a safe bet that these activities that bring you joy shine through to your day-to-day life even if they…

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    How to start work from home

    How to start work from home Have you ever toyed with the idea of earning while you are in your nightdress and at the comfort of your sitting room? Statistics show that more and more people are ditching that eight to five job for the home-based work. The reasons for quitting formal employment range from personal reasons such as the desire for freedom to more responsibility related ones such as parenting or homeschooling. More mothers than anyone else are now considering working from home as the next big thing. Even with the diverse reasons given by women for working from home, several questions always come up; what exactly can one…

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    The Benefits of Using an Executive Recruiter

    The Benefits of Using an Executive Recruiter As a Human Resources department manager, your plate may already be full! Depending on the size of your organization, Human Resources roles may include a variety of duties. Including, but not limited to: recruiting, hiring, training, team building activities, employee relations, policy management, payroll, job benefits, and other administrative tasks. Just to name a few. Your busy Human Resources Department could always use some support, an Executive Recruiter could do just that to help company advancements. In general, there is a broad perception within the Executive Recruiting industry that portrays the relationships between Human Resources managers and Executive Recruiters to be a bit,…

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    How I Booked an Entire Month Vacation for my Daughter and I

    How I Booked an Entire Month Vacation for my Daughter and I… I have a few years of experience building an online presence connecting with followers on Link Leads, as well as reaching out to do my own list building with my own formulated marketing. This online marketing is treated like a business, where I comes up with the proposal pitch for a corporation, keep the properties in the loop about what services I will be providing, as well as an outline of the public relations I am able to provide. Social media postings and blog posts are the featured spot for businesses to look for based on my large…

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    What’s the Difference Between B2B vs. B2C Selling Strategy and Why Should You Care?

    What’s the Difference Between B2B vs. B2C Selling Strategy and Why Should You Care? There are some big differences between B2B (business to business) selling and B2C (business to consumer) selling.  It is important to understand these differences if you are considering what type of business you want to start. There is a significantly smaller customer base to consider in B2B selling, since there are fewer businesses to sell to than individual consumers.  B2B sales often have more complex transactions since the sale will more than likely be covered by a contract agreement. Another difference is that the product is being purchased to satisfy the needs of a company, rather…

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    Challenges Mompreneurs Face

    A mompreneur, as by my definition, is a mom who strives to build a business while still serving as the primary caregiver for her children. As we all know, this role is both rewarding, challenging, and requires a balancing act. I talk with many mompreneurs on a daily basis in masterminds, the online space, and 1-1 calls. This blog post outlines some of the obstacles that mompreneurs face and hopefully will help you with some suggestions to make your days a little easier while still being successful in launching your business. Your time is one of the most crucial aspects to your success. It’s important to plan your time well…

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    Hiring for Potential

    Hiring an employee is always a nerve-wracking process, doubly so for startups where a single employee represents a substantial resource investment. There’s a lot of options out there in the talent pool, but how do you get the best? Common knowledge suggests that the path to finding top talent is to look for somebody with years of proven experience. I mean, obviously; everybody wants to get their hands on the transitively unemployed genius with two decades of experience in their chosen field and a passion for whatever project your startup is working on. That’s why these majestic employees are so rare: because everybody is competing for them. They are sought…

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    Getting Acquired? Sell Your Stocks!

    So it’s finally happened, a larger company has started paying attention to your little enterprise and has expressed interest in acquiring you. This is it. This is the point where all of the long hours and hard work finally puts a big chunk of change into your pocket. Except, maybe not. Depending on how you sell your company you may end up losing as much as 60% of your sell value to the dreaded taxman.It’s time to talk about everybody’s favorite subject: taxes. To be specific, we’re going to talk about how to make sure that your hard-won sale doesn’t vanish into the ether.When tax time rolls around, the main…

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