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    Hiring for Potential

    Hiring an employee is always a nerve-wracking process, doubly so for startups where a single employee represents a substantial resource investment. There’s a lot of options out there in the talent pool, but how do you get the best? Common knowledge suggests that the path to finding top talent is to look for somebody with years of proven experience. I mean, obviously; everybody wants to get their hands on the transitively unemployed genius with two decades of experience in their chosen field and a passion for whatever project your startup is working on. That’s why these majestic employees are so rare: because everybody is competing for them. They are sought…

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    Moving Past Interviews

    The way businesses are using interviews makes them useless. Now that I have your attention, let me explain my extreme blasphemy against conventional business practices. Interviews, though they have their upsides, are woefully inadequate at helping an employer get a good feel for how their candidate will actually perform. For that matter, it’s not even a good way to get an idea about their personality. I want you to open another tab in whatever browser you’re using and google ‘interview questions.’ I’ll tell my editors not to take down this blog while you’re doing that. Are you back? Good. Notice how most of the top articles on Google are about…

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