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    Seven Shared Qualities of Entrepreneurs and Moms

    Entrepreneurs come in different shapes and sizes, and the things they do vary from improving on existing products to finding new ways to deliver services to creating new products and services that have never been seen before. But all entrepreneurs have specific qualities that make them good at what they do. Entrepreneurs who happen to be mothers can especially relate to these qualities. So many of these qualities are integral both to being a successful entrepreneur and also to successfully raising a human being, so it’s not a surprise that so many moms are also successful business owners! Following are seven qualities that successful entrepreneurs and moms have in common—see…

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    Being a Mom and an Entrepreneur

    Being a Mom and an Entrepreneur Being the founder of a startup, or an entrepreneur, is not an easy task, especially when you are a mom who is taking care of a toddler. Here are a couple of the ways your startup can begin and grow to the best it can be! Start with your obsession. Make sure that what you are developing is aligned with who you are and what you love. Can you see yourself working tirelessly every day and being the owner of this company? If the answer is no, don’t start with this business. Maybe something else is in the cards for you. If it is…

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    Challenges Mompreneurs Face

    A mompreneur, as by my definition, is a mom who strives to build a business while still serving as the primary caregiver for her children. As we all know, this role is both rewarding, challenging, and requires a balancing act. I talk with many mompreneurs on a daily basis in masterminds, the online space, and 1-1 calls. This blog post outlines some of the obstacles that mompreneurs face and hopefully will help you with some suggestions to make your days a little easier while still being successful in launching your business. Your time is one of the most crucial aspects to your success. It’s important to plan your time well…

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    Why Moms Make the Perfect Entrepreneurs

    Are you a stay-at-home mom who is struggling to make ends meet? Does the idea of going back to work seem out of reach due to rising childcare costs? If this sounds like your life, have you thought about starting a business that allows you more freedom? Maybe you’re procrastinating due to lacking self-confidence. Maybe you aren’t sure where to begin. Either way, the first step is knowing you absolutely can become a mom entrepreneur. You already have the skills you need to run a successful business. You sharpen them every day. From Mom to Mompreneur: How Your Skills Can Help You Start a Business You Know How to Handle…

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    5 Startup Tips for Beginners

    So you’ve decided to join the startup game? Welcome to the party. If you’re just out of the world of huge firms and tech giants, you may find some of the ins and outs of the smaller startup world could take a bit of getting used to. To help you avoid some of the rough spots on the road to success, here are some startup tips for beginners. Build a great team Teams are one of the biggest factors in making a successful startup, full stop. Startups are, by their nature, very small when compared to their tech giant competitors. This means that bad blood on a team can be…

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