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6 Ways to Stand Out from Your Competitors

6 Ways to Stand Out from Your Competitors

To be known you need to stand out from the competitors. To attract new attorneys, it starts with the first interview. That prospective hire is learning about you as much as you are learning about them.

As an associate attorney, you probably find yourself wondering: “Do I want to be a partner at a law firm?”

Associates want to know where they stand and what it takes to advance, so firms must be open and honest.

Here are some universally applicable tips to help you answer that question, no matter the size, scope, or focus of your firm. In any good relationship, the parties expect transparency. It is the next step in cultivating a long-term relationship.

  • Attitude Comes Before the Pay Check

An essential and often dismissed aspect of success is Attitude. An attorney may be brilliant and competent, but without the right attitude, they will not maintain enough business to support and grow their practice, whether in a large firm or small office. Conversely, the earlier you develop the mindset that being an attorney is about much more than billing hours, and recognize that you are fortunate to be in the profession, the more likely you will convey a positive attitude about yourself and your job, which will lead to future business.

  • Create great client experiences

Create great client experiences – go above and beyond to ensure your client has only positive experiences with you and your staff. Become a helpful resource for your clients. Pay attention to your clients’ total needs, not just the outcome. The attorney-client relationship is based on trust and is sacred in the eyes of the law—that is, a client can expect that the attorney, once hired, will keep communications confidential, and, in all but extreme circumstances, a court will protect disclosures of a client to an attorney as well.

  • Commit 100% of Your Effort

Getting work done on time, or, heaven forbid, early.  Taking the time to proofread your work before handing it over.  It is nice to have a finished work product that needs little alteration.  Having a willing attitude and volunteering to help a more senior attorney that is busy, even if it means you might stay later than you like.

  • Do You Believe that a Rising Tide Will Lift All Boats?

This is critical because it speaks to the mutuality of the buy-in proposition. From an attorney’s perspective, the buy-in proposition references the complete willingness to do grunt work because the attorney believes that the law firm has their long-term interests in mind. From the firm’s perspective, the buy-in proposition is reflected by the compensation structure and the allocation of resources toward an attorney’s professional development. An attorney should feel like he or she is at a place where there is mutuality in the buy-in.

  • Don’t give up too soon

Every mistake you make is a learning experience that puts you one step closer to success. The more you learn, the more likely you are to succeed. Often, when you make a mistake, you learn something competing attorneys don’t know. Your experience becomes a significant competitive advantage. You profit from your mistakes by keeping your program moving forward.

  • Set a Goal

One thing you might learn as you work as an attorney is goals are the best way to make things happen. If you don’t have a goal, you don’t have direction. You don’t get into the car to get where you want to go without a destination in mind. Even cleaning the house has an end goal, which is a clean house. You can’t achieve anything without a goal. Make a goal. Now break it down into smaller goals you can meet along the way. Big goals are only attainable when you break them down into smaller goals to keep you motivated; this is one of the first things you’ll learn no matter where you practice. It’s an office-wide policy to set goals and crush them.

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