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How I Plan to Run my Business from my Vacation

Running a business, especially a business that is something you started yourself, is naturally a full-time job- be it physically working, or just mentally thinking of ways to improve upon what you already have. I personally plan on running my business from the month-long business trip/vacation I planned, while still enjoying time with my family.

Running a business from home or while traveling takes a few key components. I have put a few things that I hold dear to my heart into one package. I have combined my family, travel, and lead generation into one. I prepared myself not only for what was coming up on my calendar business-wise, but I also prepared my team and assign specific tasks to each team member related to their skillsets. My business has systems in place. This helps things go as smoothly as possible. My day is scheduled in a way that allows me to have some time in the morning and in the evening after the day’s activities have ceased to take a quick look at how things have been running and catch up on emails.

The systems in my business allow things to run on autopilot. They allow my team to know what each day’s tasks are as well as their deadline. Each day of the week has a specific function to our business proceeded by the next step in order for things to run smoothly and keep going. Since there are systems, automation, and each team member has a specific function, all of my businesses are systematically able to exist around my lifestyle which for June, is the month of travel. I made sure that our group Trello board was updated prior to my trip and my team knows that I am an email or text away in case of emergency.

Combining travel and lead generation is something I love! I am able to check on the day’s events while I’m at the beach or after a day at Disneyland. This summer, I am enjoying traveling for a month with my daughter to visit properties who I can help. I will work while still having time to take her to experience all the mom-daughter activities the cities have to offer. My clients love that I’m able to offer lead generation, business coaching, blog writing, and social media, and other public relations support. Each contracted destination has a specific goal set for their business and I will help them make a plan to carry that goal out.

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