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Ocean City

I feel compelled to write a blog about my hometown and my visit there last week with my daughter. As I drove over the route 50 bridge and saw the “Welcome to Ocean City” sign, I felt as if I had never left. We were blessed to be staying with a dear friend and business partner and her husband. They warmly welcomed us to their 5th floor condominium a few feet off the beach–and what a view of the Atlantic Ocean we had!

I want to tell you about my happy place first, the beach. I love the sand and the ocean and does my Mini Me. We get up early, pack a beach bag, and three minutes later we are digging in the sand. Searching for sand crabs and sea shells and running on the beach filled our beach days. I used all-natural sunscreen and reapplied every 2 hours, so no sunburn to ruin our fun.

Food was definitely on our agenda, as fun-filled days in the sun make everyone hungry. In addition to the delicious meals that our host made for us, we also indulged in the finest seafood on the east coast. I miss fresh blue crabs, so that was first on my list of must-haves. All you can eat is the way to go when it comes to crab. Paper on the table and crab mallets in hand, we dug into the sweet meat of the Maryland Blue Crab. My toddler quickly became a pro at opening the crab claws using the mallet.

Crab pizza on the deck of my favorite local restaurant was a definite must-do. Some friends from my college days met me on the beach, and after we caught up and let our children play a little bit it was off for crab pizza. We picked a place that was our college hangout, pre children.

We started on the beach, but the rain had different plans. So upstairs to the covered deck we went. Inside or in the open sea air, crab pizza is wonderful. They had gluten free pizza, which was a nice surprise. Crab cakes and crab dip were also on our menus.

Next up: boardwalk food. If you read my blog posts you know that I avoid sugar in my household, but this is the OC Boardwalk. Caramel popcorn, candy apples, corn dogs and dark chocolate covered fruit filled our stomachs. I did try and save our systems somewhat with a spinach and apple fruit/veggie smoothie. It was delicious, and turned out to be a pleasantly surprising boardwalk food.

My toddler loved the boardwalk rides. They are sized for toddlers, so she did not need me to ride with her. There was one that went a little ways up in the air that she was excited to get on. That is, she was excited until it went up. A red face and some tears let me know it was not for her, so I had the operator stop the ride. She was fine after she was off and was ready for the next one.

Shopping…what can I say? I love to shop and I love a great deal so the Rehobeth Outlets was the place to go. My friend/business partner mapped out our shopping plan the night before, and we were women on a mission. Wow! The deals we found!

After a week of fun in the sun we are off to our next adventure…Jekyll Island in Georgia. Stay tuned!