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What’s all the Fuss with being a Mompreneur?

The expectation that moms are expected to know and be able to do everything is common knowledge in today’s society. Honestly, even moms are not perfect and while we try to do our best to do it all, we still fall short as we’re just human. Embracing our right to not be a perfect organic know-it-all doer of all things can be a liberating truth while raising our children.


Mompreneurship is such a big deal because; it’s all by women, for women, and of women.

Mompreneurship stands out because of the following factors:

  • The movement is revolutionary
  • Sources of career excellence
  • Freedom to choose a schedule
  • Confidence booster
  • Increased revenue to support a family

So, what’s all the fuss?

  1. The mompreneurship movement is revolutionary

The world as we know it is a result of small deeds intended to change the way things are done in a positive way. Globally, women have been at the forefront of changes in many issues. Women changed the world during the first revolution with the way they contributed to bringing income into their homes. Initially, women were considered as “homemakers” and so many were expected to become housewives to take care of the family. This is changing as the dawn of the feminist age accelerates, an age where women began defying the set norms. This began with women choosing to become educated, as well as choosing to work outside of the home. Working outside the home didn’t lead to automatic CEO acknowledgment, as many women were looked at for low level positions.

However, we overcame this too and began to gain more high-level and management positions; but, more often than not, this pursuit came with sacrifices to our personal lives. Many women holding high-level jobs had to work twice as hard as their male counterparts and were often paid less than other male employees in the same position. Women had to sacrifice what little family time was left at the end of a long day. Other women had to put off having children until their careers were set not because it was their choice; but just because this was the best solution instead of having children that rarely spent quality time with their mom.

However, the most recent revolution came in the new millennium where more women wanted the freedom to be moms as well as excel in their jobs. Unfortunately, the 9-5 industry was not accepting of this kind of work-life balance. And as women in all our glory, we went ahead and created a space to be us in all our facets. Suddenly, there was a rise of women staying at home, raising their kids, while working or running a business from home. Women embraced mompreneurship because it gave them the freedom to excel in more than one area.

  1. We seek only Excellence

No revolution occurs without some disagreements and criticisms. Women had carved their way into the world and started bringing in income, sometimes more than their male counterparts. Unfortunately, at this point women are facing many challenges at home as the divorce rate rises, children are exposed to more drugs and violence than ever before, and the world is arguably a much more unsafe environment as compared to years ago. All of these issues have contributed to naysayers blaming it all on working women. The state of societal struggles isn’t any one person’s fault; as raising children is the job of both parents. However, being the moms that we are, we’ve found a way to work as well as be there for our kids. Women began leaving the 9-5 life and working from home. In fact, there have been numerous women who have succeeded in working or running their businesses from home vs. a traditional office space. This is the kind of excellence that women should be striving for in life!

  1. Freedom to be & Choose

As women, the world has many norms and traditions that have taken our ability to choose. Mompreneurship gives back your freedom as well as the power to choose. You begin by choosing not to miss the big moments with your family, such as, seeing your child take their first steps or call you “mama.” Mompreneurship allows you the freedom of NOT having to choose between your job or career and your family, no woman should have to choose between the two. These are two different facets of a woman’s life and they should work hand-in-hand rather than against each other.

Mompreneurship is a chance for you to set a course for your life. There’s no boss to give you headaches and you’re not in a job that’s draining you. You prioritize your day and never again miss that football game or dance recital.

  1. Boosting Confidence & Passion

Let’s be honest, having a career that you love is exhilarating. To balance mom and boss time is the best feeling; with mompreneurship you are free to pursue things that you’re truly passionate about within your industry of choice. It allows you to associate with women carrying similar goals and plans. It’s the best booster of confidence that I can think of; seeing your mom and boss life grow in almost constant balance. The best thing about doing something you love is that there is a guaranteed work satisfaction, which translates into more positivity in your life.

  1. Increased Income

Entrepreneurship as a mom presents an opportunity to make as much as you did in the 9-5 and often even more, but with less investment in time. The freedom to choose your own schedule is also an added perk to the mom boss work-life balancing act. There are many types of mompreneurs out there living their best work mom life thanks to their own hard work and dedication. Entrepreneurship comes with some challenges such as: a lack of funding, difficulty in time management for some, and just staying focused. However, all these challenges are temporary and require overcoming discipline and self-control. Some mompreneurs have found that working with a business coach has been great in keeping them focused on the right business ventures as well as increasing revenue. The business coaches will help momprenuers to focus on their business priorities to become successful rather than becoming overwhelmed by everything they feel like they need to be doing all at once.