Manning’s Sports Bar & Grill

If you are ever in New Orleans with a toddler and looking for a fun, casual, child-friendly place to eat, Manning’s Sports Bar & Grill  is the place. You have a wide variety of seating options to choose from, both inside and outside. If you are a sports fan, big-screen televisions line the walls both inside and outside. The restaurant is right inside of Harrahs’ New Orleans, an easy walk from multiple hotels and the Casino, but there was a chance of rain the day we went so we drove instead. A parking garage leads you to Manning’s and several other dining options.

When we arrived at the restaurant we climbed just a few stairs, but I noted there was a ramp to make it easy for stroller or wheelchair use. My kiddo and I were pretty hungry after a day of exploring in New Orleans, so we ordered two appetizers to start off, the fried pickles and the pork cheese fries. Both appetizers were generously sized and both were delicious. A word of caution though: the pickles were spicy. I really enjoyed them, but if your little one likes fried pickles these may not be the choice for them.

While we were eating our appetizer I ordered our dinner, a burger for my daughter and a steak for me. Restaurants can be a challenge for toddlers. They tend to not like to sit still. At Manning’s there was plenty of room for her to move around and the staff did not get frustrated if she was in their way from time to time. The staff was attentive and friendly. We made several requests for extras–like dips for our French fries–and nothing was too much for us to ask. Also, because it is a sports grill the sound level is higher than at a more formal dining location. This is also great for little ones. Our dinner arrived hot and delicious.

After dinner I looked at the desserts on the menu. The ice cream sundae was soooo tempting–but sugar at night for my little one is never a good idea. Besides we had so much food left over we definitely needed a to-go bag! I asked for the check and wandered outside to explore New Orleans some more.

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