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How I Booked an Entire Month Vacation for my Daughter and I

How I Booked an Entire Month Vacation for my Daughter and I…

I have a few years of experience building an online presence connecting with followers on Link Leads, as well as reaching out to do my own list building with my own formulated marketing. This online marketing is treated like a business, where I comes up with the proposal pitch for a corporation, keep the properties in the loop about what services I will be providing, as well as an outline of the public relations I am able to provide. Social media postings and blog posts are the featured spot for businesses to look for based on my large following!

This coming month, I will be staying at both The Bourbon and The Windsor in New Orleans, Lake Buena Vista, and The Villas at Grand Cypress both in Orlando, The Island in Fort Worth Beach, and Marriott San Dustin. These locations are all needing my online presence and marketing assistance to help improve their business structures.

I will make her way to each resort and offer her professional opinions and services to these companies that have agreed on a contract prior to this visit. I will receive not only compensation for assistance in their needs, but this is also a platform for me to take my daughter on a month long vacation seeing different parts of the United States.

How did I manage to live the dream? I’ve literally tied the two things that I love together, travel and lead generation. I put dynamic people on my team delegating tasks that highlight their strengths making the business shine! I make myself available to my team when I am away from my home office via email or text. I have also set up a business system where I am able to schedule my day so that I can set up our systems in the morning and let them run while I’m at Disney or the beach. Then I check on everything in the evening knowing that every day of my Monday-Friday schedule has a special highlighted focus for that weekday.

Imagine every time you went on a business trip, you were able to show your kids the world and let them experience new places and spaces with you! This is going to work without leaving behind your most important life’s work- your children.

Working moms or moms thinking of going back to work know the struggle of separating yourself from your growing and developing children for long periods of time, yet I have made my job work for her and my family incorporating the two worlds to provide the best life for my daughter and the best career for myself! I have made a name for myself without having to give up raising a daughter-Find out how you can do the same by following the links listed below!

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