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4 Ways Linked Leads Will Skyrocket Your Business From Home

Does this sound like you?

You’ve spent countless dollars marketing your business..

You spend hours each week mining for prospects…

You’re totally unaware of the latest AI, software, bots, and other technology that can assist your business…

You’re completely stuck trying to market yourself and you get lost in the process of what to do next…

You have no idea how helpful LinkedIn can be for every part of your business…

If you nodded to any of the above, then Linked Leads is for you. This may be the secret ingredient you’ve been looking for that’ll take your business to a new level.

We created Linked Leads to help you become a business owner of a profitable, thriving, and successful business. We have been using this process for over 15 years and we know that it works! You’ll be wondering where Linked Leads has been your entire life.

We’re a team that’s dedicated to helping you scale your business to heights that you may never have realized. But, now you may be asking HOW we can help you. If you’re ready to grow your business or looking to start your profitable work-from-home company, then keep reading.

4 Ways Linked Leads Will Skyrocket Your Business From Home

#1. Get Crystal Clear Clarity On Your Business

I understand that one of the toughest parts of starting or growing your business is having a clear understanding on what steps you need to take. After your first strategy session with us, you’ll be able to decipher questions that you may be asking yourself such as:

    1. Who is my ideal client?
    1. How do I find my ideal client?
    1. How to sell my business?
    1. How do I close clients like an expert?
  1. How do I generate more leads?

You don’t need to be in the dark on what to do next. Start working with us and we’ll help you find the next step to your business. We’ll also fully explain to you how Linked Leads will grow your business from home…and it’ll only take a few minutes each day.

#2. Guidance From Expert Business Coaches With 20+ Years Of Owning A Business

I guarantee with the guidance and assistance from myself and Gretchen, you’re in the hands of reliable business professionals and specialists. I created a new business a few years ago and grew it to a six-figure business in a matter of months. Gretchen has over 10 years of experience in corporate sales which will prove to be immensely valuable when we help you hit the ground running in your business and finding the blind spots that’ve been holding you back.

We’ve helped over 100 companies grow their online presence on multiple platforms, generate profitable leads, and close high-ticket sales. We understand the importance of innovation, knowledge of the market, and how to leverage state-of-the-art technology to grow your business. If you’re ready to invest in your business, we’re the mentors you need by your side in order to grow.

#3. Use The Best Of Modern Technology To Connect With Leads

It’s 2018, not only is technology improving every day but it can be used to help grow your business. Say ‘no more’ to just putting out ads in newspaper or magazines, we have the perfect tool for your LinkedIn profile that’ll bring leads right to your doorstep and it can be done all on autopilot. After one consultation call with us and you decide to be part of the Linked Leads network, we’ll set you up with our state-of-the-art proprietary tool that gets you connected with the leads that you customize and believe to be the perfect customer for your service or product. Not only will you meet people who are ready to buy and work with you on the spot, but you’ll also grow a pool of passive customers that’ll be aware of your business and ready to work when the right time comes.

Think about the endless possibilities that this can bring…..

#4. Save Time On Marketing So You Can Focus On Other Parts Of Your Business

First and foremost, marketing is a crucial part of running a business. Without good marketing, your business will literally not be found and it will fail. So it’s in your best interest to invest what you can in your marketing so your ideal clients will find you, speak to you, and buy from you. Linked Leads can help you with literally all of this.

Second, marketing is only ONE PART of your business. We help you get tons of leads then scale. Linked Leads will fully assist you in your marketing strategy so you can focus on other parts of your business. Think about all the productivity you can have just by having Linked Leads help you strategize steps ahead. You’d be able to work on writing, production, finances, hiring, and other parts of your business while your business truly scales to 6/7 figures and beyond.

The best part of Linked Leads is that once you decide to work with us, lead generation will be done completely on autopilot. You’ll have access to our tool that’ll help you connect with your ideal client while you’re going about your day, taking care of other things…


Linked Leads is the tool that you need to take your business to new heights. We can help you strategize, save time, save money, and generate targeted leads on autopilot. It’ll bring customers and clients right to your profile and also create a gigantic pool of passive, potential clients that’ll look to you as an authority. Also, as I mentioned earlier, you’ll be under the guidance of two expert business coaches with 20+ years of experience building and growing successful businesses.

If you’re ready to learn even more about how Linked Leads will help your business, click here.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!