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Get it together! Four tips for getting – and staying – organized while working from home

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are cut out for working for themselves,
and those who are not. Women who are cut out for being their own boss have several things in
common. They are multi-taskers, quick learners, and generally able to adapt to new situations
on the fly. Most importantly, they are ORGANIZED. But if you want to work for yourself and
organization is not among your best qualities, don’t despair! While it seems like some people
are just born with the organizational gene, it’s a skill that can be learned. These four tips will
help you keep it together so you can bring in the big bucks in your pajamas.


If you are going to work for yourself from the comfort of your living room, you have to be
organized, or your day will be gone before you’ve begun your first task. So the first thing you
have to do is prioritize. Make a list of the things you need to do, and rank them in order of
importance. Your list can be a digital or a handwritten list that you keep track of. It’s up to you, but it is essential that you know what your priorities are and which ones to tackle first.


Once you have your list, you need to commit to tackling one task at a time and seeing it
through to its completion. Multi-tasking is often necessary, and you will always have fires to
put out that may interrupt you temporarily. But if you start a task, commit to finishing it, and if
you get waylaid don’t discard it. Go back to what you were originally doing, and stick with it until
it is done. Even if it takes longer than you had planned, crossing that task off your list will
give you the motivation you need to move on to the next one.


How many of us have piles of unopened mail on our desk that keep growing because we put off
opening them until a more convenient time? Small tasks can quickly grow into insurmountable
ones if they aren’t dealt with right away. When you bring in the mail, open it immediately and
sort through it, throwing away the things you don’t need, and sorting the rest into likes off things
that need filing and things that need attention. Then you can add those things to your list and
tackle them in order of importance. You can approach all small tasks this way—opening mail,
checking email, paying bills, tidying your desk—it takes very little time to tackle those small
tasks right away, and it saves you hours of tedious work later in the week or month.


It is easy to get lost in what you are doing each day. Organization is much easier if you take a
few moments at the end of your day to assess where you are and think about where you need
to start tomorrow. If you have a digital or written list of things you needed to do, check off the
ones you managed to complete, and start your list for the tomorrow with the things you didn’t
quite get to today. That way when you start all over again you’ll know where you need to start.
It’ll make a world of difference.

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