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    The Villas of Grand Cypress

    The Villas of Grand Cypress is a family golf resort in Orlando that bills itself as “lavish accommodations in Orlando with all the comforts of home.” The resort features luxury accommodations, golf, dining options, golf academy, meeting spaces and more. The accommodations include spacious suites and villas featuring up to four bedrooms and up to 2,800 square feet with full kitchens, living and dining areas. It is a beautiful property very close to Walt Disney World, and we enjoyed our stay there thoroughly. As I entered the resort I was taken with the beauty of my surroundings. As I drove to the Villa Check-in, the lush landscape instilled a sense…

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    How I Plan to Run my Business from my Vacation

    Running a business, especially a business that is something you started yourself, is naturally a full-time job- be it physically working, or just mentally thinking of ways to improve upon what you already have. I personally plan on running my business from the month-long business trip/vacation I planned, while still enjoying time with my family. Running a business from home or while traveling takes a few key components. I have put a few things that I hold dear to my heart into one package. I have combined my family, travel, and lead generation into one. I prepared myself not only for what was coming up on my calendar business-wise, but…

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    Why Choose Consulting as a Career?

    Mom’s Guide The secret that mom’s don’t feel they can have a career and a family has been out of the bag for quite some time now. Many stay at home moms are compromised of women whom led thriving careers in their own respective fields, all to leave the suit life behind to raise children. Although, in this world, there is nothing taboo about staying home to avoid daycare costs to influence your child in the best possible way; many women still feel that they could be doing more to contribute to not only society but their family’s income. “I think every working mom probably feels the same thing: You…

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