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Starting a Business from Home with a Toddler

Being a full time stay at home mom and working from home full time takes a certain kind of individual with copious amounts of self discipline. Having a home-based business gives every woman that wants to raise her children without relinquishing her career an idea work-life balance solution.

The risks involved with taking on a self-made career can be daunting. Many women worry about not having a salary for a while as the business is low, along with being responsible for paying all employee salaries. Gone are the days of set paid leave, and in fact in most cases, maternity leave is a concept that is frowned upon in the business world. Starting a new home business can be daunting; however, the advantages of being there for your family far outweigh

Get your priorities straight

Having established set family and business time is key success component, try to spend time working in your business while your toddler is playing and sleeping. By having predefined “office hours” allows you to be available for your baby when they are in need most all while making time for yourself to thrive in our own career field. Self-disciplining yourself to be active in your business within these time frames will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or guilty when you are participating in family time.


Within your home, you should have a separate, designated office space for your home business. This way you are able to tell your son or daughter that it’s time for you to go to work, establishing a patterned defined by regular hours and a strict routine.

Always remember that clients are not interested in your personal circumstances, they have their own lives and businesses as well. When you talk to your clients, rarely do they want to hear crying babies within ear shot or fighting toddlers in the immediate background. To miss a call and get back to them when the baby is settled or you can step away is better than you client listening to your children argue and try to get mom’s attention. If a client is to enter your home, make sure all they see is a tidy work space free from toys on the ground or spills.


Jealous friends or family members may try to convince you that you will not be able to get your business off the ground. You need to know well enough that you will succeed and take this opportunity to show them that they are wrong!

Make sure that you have a business plan that drives your passion fueling your determination and you know you will be able to stick to, let your spouse, family, and kids know your business hours so they can be respectful of your time.

Read and Network

Read and explore as many resources as you can in regards to starting a business, there are excellent magazines and books about running a home business. These resources will provide practical ideas for the work at home mom life.

Network with other work-at-home moms to learn a few tricks of the trade, do not isolate yourself from the business world, no business can succeed in isolation. You can also go and explore online courses to learn more on how to you manage a home-based business while taking care of your family.

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