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Being a Mom and an Entrepreneur

Being a Mom and an Entrepreneur

Being the founder of a startup, or an entrepreneur, is not an easy task, especially when you are a mom who is taking care of a toddler. Here are a couple of the ways your startup can begin and grow to the best it can be!

  1. Start with your obsession.

Make sure that what you are developing is aligned with who you are and what you love. Can you see yourself working tirelessly every day and being the owner of this company? If the answer is no, don’t start with this business. Maybe something else is in the cards for you. If it is your prized possession and it is something you never stop thinking about, then don’t plan an exit strategy!

  1. Know how you’ll make your profits.

It is important to identify all the services you will offer and develop a unique plan for each service. You have different services for a reason, not everyone wants or needs the same thing. Not only should you have a clear idea of what your services are, but it is imperative to identify which services will provide what income.

  1. Understand your skill set.

By being attentive to your core competencies, you are more likely to find the best people to work for you and further strengthen the unique skills that set your startup apart from every similar business. Empowering employees and giving them control of their strong suit is the best way to make them excited about their work and helping to build your business!

  1. Your Net Worth = Your Network.

Expanding your network and maintaining strong connections is essential to building your start-up. Your startup can highly benefit from adopting new forms of technology, however make sure you find the best platform for your business. No need to waste time, or money on technology that will not be effective for your company. LinkedIn is great for building and maintaining a network that can develop leads for your business!

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Kimberly A. Patrick is a passionate serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience building companies from the ground floor. Kim spends her days with her 2 year old little girl. She also runs her own search firm, Talent Matched and is a coach for Moms who want to build their own business so they can have freedom with their family.